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William Hill is one of the largest and most famous bookmakers worldwide. The company even has a listing on the stock exchange. We have researched the bookmaker, and we have looked at the large number of sports that can be bet on. In addition to an online portal, William Hill also has many betting offices in England where bettings can be done. Because of this they are very present and score particularly well in the UK in terms of brand recognition. The company has built up a reliable name over the years. This applies for both the betting offices, and online.

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William Hill Sportsbook
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Our review about William Hill Sportsbook

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William Hill is made for anyone who wants to make a bet. The registration on the website is very easy and fast. By clicking on the registration button a questionnaire will appear. With this form you can easily fill in all the necessary information and choose in which currency you want to bet. After this you can confirm everything and start betting on all kinds of competitions.

Depositing money to your account is also done very fastly. You can deposit money in various ways. You can choose to pay with various frequently used credit cards, you can transfer money via online banking, but also PayPal is one of the options. Some payment methods take longer and may cause you to wait a few days before the money is in your account. In addition, most manners of depositing money have a limit. So keep this in mind when choosing.

The layout

The website of William Hill really overwhelms you with all of the given information. Therefore you probably be a bit confuse when you start betting on this website. However, you can easily place your bet and get it back. Pay attention! William Hill asked a fee to reverse your winnings.


When you place a bet on a match, you are probably used to seeing a quote of 1.75 or 4.35 per euro, because this is how it is usually done in the Netherlands. But at William Hill the quotes are a bit different. You will see quotations like 6/5 and 4/5. Because of this you will probably be a bit confused at the beginning, because you have to do a bit of math before you exactly know what the quotes are. The easiest thing to do is to divide the quotes. Then you will see the exact number that you have to use to multiplie your bet with. This is the usual way of quotes in England.

Customer service

Customer service is very important. This is also essential for an online bookmaker. You can therefore contact William Hill in various ways. You can choose for example contacting by telephone, e-mail or live chat. The use of the chat is the easiest, because you get a quick and clear answer to all your urgent questions. In this way you will be helped quickly during the whole week because questions will usually be answered within a few seconds.

The offer

The offer at William Hill is huge. You can bet on several sports competitions for example. Think of smaller matches but also the big football matches such as the ones that take place during the World Cup. In addition, you can also bet on football matches of the Champions League, the World Cup / European Championships and many other competitions. Other competitions are also offered that you can follow live. Think of horse races, tennis matches and of course cricket.


At William Hill the active players are well spoiled with bonuses. A various amount of bonuses is offered. For example, you receive a bonus on your first bet and you can find various other bonuses on the website. For example, there are bonuses where you gain 15% more in your bets. In addition, you can also be selected to win $ 100,000 as one of the lucky seven.


The experienced player can also have fun here. Payments of won matches are handled quickly and transferred to your account. This allows you to quickly and easily bet on new matches that occur on the website. For the new players William Hill does take a while to get used to, and you have to take a close look at what you're exactly betting on.


The William Hill is a well-known big bookmaker where you can bet on all kinds of different competitions. These can be big football matches such as the European Championships, World Championships or the Champions League. In addition, you can also follow various competitions live so you can keep track of whether you win something or not. You will also find a lot of information so that you are able to use all of the possibilities. Finally, you will be amazed by the many bonuses that can be found on this website. This makes William Hill highly recommended.

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Software & graphic 7 Odds 8 Bet offer 9 Start Bonus 7 Loyalty bonus 8 Support 8 Security 9 Deposit & payment 8 Our rating: 8.00 / 10
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William Hill Sportsbook
Name: William Hill Sportsbook
Our rating
Software & graphic 7 Odds 8 Bet offer 9 Start Bonus 7 Loyalty bonus 8 Support 8 Security 9 Deposit & payment 8 Our rating: 8.00 / 10
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