Pokerroom reviews and descriptions

We made a short description of every poker room for you. Just a short to-the-point list which may be interesting for you. We made a top 10 of the best poker rooms, but keep in mind that not every player may fully agree with this. Everyone has its own opinion in the end. Almost every poker room can be played for free, so don't hesitate and download the software of the poker rooms you may like. Try it out and give your opinion about it. Anyway: have fun! With our poker tips and strategies it will work out. But besides that, poker is a game which teach you experiences and skills.

How did it start and how does it work

Originally poker is a card game of the United States with Texas Hold'em as its most popular variant. Poker is becoming more and more popular since the last couple of years. One of the reasons is the growth of online poker. This made it easy to play poker wherever and whenever you want. Another reason for the rise of popularity is the broadcast of poker tournaments on television. Many people realized they could play easily online and win prizes. But how does it work? Online poker is played in a digital room with other players. The cards are dealt by the computer server. Deposits and payouts are done by means of online payments. This makes it possible to really win a lot of money online (or lose).

Game variants and tournaments

Poker rooms can differ from each other in the assortment of games and tournaments. Here we describe some possibilities:


  • Games: There are many kinds of poker available at the Internet. This may be a reason to choose for a poker room.
  • Ring games: Ring games are poker games which can be joined and left every moment, so you don't have to achieve the game.
  • Bet sizes and limits: The size of bets and limits can differ from a couple of Euro / dollars to more than thousand. This is an important item to base your choice on.


  • MTT & Free roll: MTT tournaments are tournaments where everybody starts with the same amount of chips. If you lose a chip, you are out of the game. A free roll can be played without money at the start.
  • Feeder tournament / Satellite tournament: A feeder or satellite tournament offers as a prize access to other important tournaments.
  • Sit and Go tournament: This tournament starts when there are enough players. When you lose all off your chips, you are switched off.
  • Play money tournament: This tournament is played without real money, but with fictional amounts and profits.
  • Network: A lot of poker rooms are a part of a poker room network. This provides that players have a huge choice of tables and tournaments.

Poker software

Poker rooms are pieces of software which have different options and possibilities. This makes the room more social, interesting and nice to use. For example:

  • Web cam support, so having a pokerface becomes important again
  • Friends list, avatar and notes: so you can observe and recognize other players
  • Quick fold: this makes playing faster and more comfortable, because now you can directly play further after folding.
  • Private tables: with this you can invite players yourself, so that you don't get interrupted by other players.

Bonuses and accessibility

There are a lot of bonuses casino's give to their players. For example:

  • No deposit bonus: you will receive this bonus when you register for a poker room. You don't have to make a deposit and you can use this bonus directly to play.
  • Deposit bonus: this is an extra bonus you will receive after you made a deposit.

Bonuses are an important factor when you are deciding which poker room you are going to play at. Another factor is the accessibility in different countries. Some countries are excluded from poker rooms because of certain laws. So when you are choosing your poker room, you can decide against which countries you are going to play.

Pay and pay-out methods

Another very important reason for deciding which poker room to play at, are the payment possibilities. For example you can deposit money with you credit card or with PayPal. Also the payouts conditions are important. Because the pay out speed can be decisive for your choice.