Best casino bonus

Almost every online casino offers bonuses to new and also existing members. For the casino is this a good way to retain customers and for the players is it a nice present. There are a lot of bonuses at the online casino's. To show you the most common ones, we made you a short list of the best bonusses for the current most populair EU casinos.

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Welcome bonus and welcome package

The welcome bonus is for every new member of the casino. You receive this bonus when you make a money deposit at your new account. The size of this deposit will be compared with a certain percentage. This percentage differs mutually. A welcome package is almost the same, but with a package you receive bonuses in more deposits. The bonuses can have the same percentage all deposits, but it also can change. For example: the first deposit you receive is a 100% bonus and the second one you receive is a 50% bonus.

No deposit bonus and deposit method bonus

A no deposit bonus is a free bonus before you made a deposit. The casino expects you to play a couple of games and test them, so you will come back and play them often. You can see it as a trial version. One of the no deposit bonuses you can receive is the cash bonus. When you have registered as a new player, the bonus will automatically be added to your account. The value varies from 5 to 100 Euro. Another no deposit bonus is the free play bonus. These are normally way higher then other no deposit bonuses. When you made a new account you receive a specific amount of credits which give you access to play one hour. When time is up, you can keep the money you have won to the put-up maximum. A deposit method bonus on the other hand, offers you a bonus when you use a certain deposit method. For example you receive a 15% bonus which rises to 100 Euro when you make a transaction with method X.

Reload bonus

One of the ways an online casino wants to keep his players, is to give away reload bonuses. This bonus has a value you can use. Some casino's will offer this bonus frequently and other will only provide them at certain times.

Refer-a-friend bonus

Most online casino's have a special refer-a-friend bonus. When you tell others about the casino and you persuade them to make an account, you will receive a bonus. Provided that they refer to you when they are registering. This referring bonus is mostly 25 to 50 Euro. The more people you persuade to play at the casino, the more money you will receive.

Loyalty bonus

These bonuses are offered to members who play at the casino for a long time. There are a lot of different loyalty bonuses, like a monthly reward or a birthday bonus.

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