No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is a bonus you receive without doing anything for it. It is a gift from the casino to you when you have registered. This bonus is quit low, but it is for free so you can say it is always wanted. A no deposit bonus normally has a value between 5 and 15 Euro. The casino give these bonuses to get the attention of the players and give them a chance to try out the games. So when you like the games, you will come back and make deposits. And maybe you tell others about this casino too. This is an important goal for the casino.

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As the name already says, the no deposit bonuses don't need a deposit before you receive these bonuses. You only have to create an account at the online casino. When you have completed this, you can claim a no deposit bonus. But make sure you read the conditions of the minimum and maximim cash outs so you won't be surprised later.

Types of bonuses

There are some types of no deposit bonus. The classic one, is the one where you receive a certain amount of money in your account right after you have registered. This bonus can be used in every game at the online casino, so you can choose what game you like. This type of no deposit bonus is nowadays less popular than it used to be, but you will guarantally see it sometimes.

An other type is the free spin. It is almost like the classic type, but with free spins you receive coins. With these coins you can only play at some slot machines. These free spins are very popular nowadays, because the slot machines are played a lot.

Free play vs. no deposit bonus

A frequently asked question is: What is the difference between free plays and no deposit bonuses? The difference is quite big. Free play gives you access to play a couple of hours for free, but is has no bonuses. When you play with the no deposit bonus you have the chance to really earn some money. That is why the no deposit bonus is so popular!

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