Casino games

Playing casino games is fun. At least, if you know how to play them. You have to learn the rules and the right tactics. There are a lot of games to play at an online casino. We will explain the rules of the most popular games to you, so you can easily play them. You are going to have fun in just a couple of minutes!

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Roulette is the most popular casino game. For beginners it seems very difficult, because the game board looks a bit complex. But the rules aren't that difficult. We explain it in an easy way.

First of all, you need a roulette table, a roulette wheel with the numbers 0 to 36 and fiches. The croupier will escort the game and is responsible for a fair play with the right pay-outs.
The goal of this game is to bet where in the roulette wheel the ball will finish. You can choose one of the numbers (1-36), the color of the number (black or red), a even or odd number or a high or low number. When you have predicted it right, you receive a profit. This profit depends of the place you have bet on.


BlackJack is the second most popular game. The basic rules are very simple:
You have to beat the bank if you want to win. You have won when you have 21 points (=BlackJack) or when you are the closest to the 21 points. But when you have more than 21 points, you are automatically out of the game. You get these points by counting the value of the cards.

Every player starts with 2 cards, except the bank; he begins with just one card. Every player has to decide if he wants another card to come as close as possible to the 21 points. When you don't have enough points, it is possible to wait for the croupier: when he has a lower score or when he is over 21 points, you still win. The croupier has to grab a card when his total points is less than 16 and he stops when it is 17 or more.

Caribbean Stud Poker

In contrast to most other poker variants Caribbean Stud Poker is played against the bank instead of other players. It doesn't matter if you are playing with professional players or beginners: your chances to win stay the same. This makes Caribbean Stud Poker a very popular online casino game.

Caribbean Stud Poker can be played with a maximum of 6 players at once and it is played with 52 cards. After set in the ante (= a pot where every player needs to put an amount in before the game) every player gets 5 secretive play cards. Just as the bank, but the bank's last card is played open. After looking at your cards you have to decide whether to play this game or not.

If you want to play the game, you get an extra card and you have to set in the same amount you already gave to the ante. Now its the bank's turn. He looks at its own cards and when he has a bait, everyone's cards need to be compared. The player with the highest value wins. When the bank doesn't have a bait, he automatically looses. You receive your stake plus the same amount of the bank.

Slot machines

A slot machine, also known as fruit machine, pokies or poker machine, is a gambling machine with three or more reels. These reels will spin when you push a button. Slot machines are also known as one-armed bandits. This is because they were originally operated by a pomp arm on the side of the machine. But how do you play this game? You have to pull the lever or push the button and the game will automatically begin. When you see the same icons in a row you get points. The sort icon defines the value of the number of points. Try progressive slots or new features as Megaways. Play all casino slots & slot machines for free at Rome Casino before playing for real prices!

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