asian games

Mentioning Asian games will instantly let you think of games such as Mahjong. Did you know that there are many other Asian games that can be played in an online casino? These games can bring up large amounts of money. We made sure that you got a broad variety of games to play where you can try these out. Maybe your next favorite game is situated in here!

The many different games

There are several different Asian games that you can play. These games all have something in common. Most of the games are some type of slot machine or use stones. Each game has their own theme and gives you as a player the feeling that you are playing these games in a real casino. Themes you might come across are nature, animals, Asian holidays, kings and myths. Another great advantage of these games is that they are compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. This will ensure you that you can play these games at any time of the day.

Play a table game

Online casinos do not only offer different types of Asian slot games. Players will also be able to play several popular Asian table games. These are games such as Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker and Live Dragon Tiger. Many of the online casinos offer these table games as they are growing in popularity over the past few years. Games as Baccarat and Live Dragon Tiger are very similar as Live Dragon Tiger is a simplified version of Baccarat. The game Pai Gow Poker is played with 52 cards and a joker. This game is originated from a domino game that has been played in China for many years. The goal of this game is to receive two strong hands that can top the dealer.

Playing Asian games for free

Many online casinos make sure that there is a variety of Asian games available. These games cannot only be played with real money but are also playable for free. Players will receive a virtual amount of money that they can use in these games. New players can enjoy and get to know the casino and the games where experienced players can use this as a way to try out new tactics and strategies. Obviously, it is possible to start playing with real money at a later stage in time. The only thing players have to do is sign up or log in and make sure they have enough money onto their account. If this is all sorted, you are able to start testing your luck with one or more of these Asian games!

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