scratch cards

Scratch cards have been very popular ever since they have been introduced in the supermarkets and corner shops These cards are so popular due to the fact that players will instantly know if they have won money. Furthermore, the prices of these cards can vary largely in amounts. The chances of winning a bigger price are small but smaller prices are won more commonly. This makes scratch cards so interesting. There is still an increase in popularity which results in higher amounts of money that can be won.

Online scratch cards

In the past few years, scratch cards have been available online. This makes it even more easy to buy one and start playing. There are the standard scratch cards but these can also be combined with fun skill games. This makes scratch cards even more fun. Buying a scratch card online is done quickly and easily. There are several payment methods that can be used. Players can use iDEAL, texting a number or using a payment number. Scratch cards are available for everyone and are exciting. The chances of winning are higher through the use of lower costs. More prizes can be awarded.

How do scratch cards work?

There are many different types of scratch cards available. However, all of these are largely the same. At first you buy one or more scratch cards online. After buying these, you can scratch open the virtual boxes. Usually they are marked with a “scratch” text. Depending on the rules you can win something by having the same symbols. Sometimes, you have the ability to scratch open a multiplier which gives you the opportunity to multiply the amount of money you won with a percentage. Profits are rewarded directly onto your account.

Providers of online scratch cards

Nowadays, there is a broad range of scratch cards available online. This makes it hard to choose between all the providers of scratch cards. All of these providers have different payout percentages. Therefore, we have made a selection of the best scratch card providers. The best scratch cards offer high jackpots and smaller fun prizes on a regular basis which makes them distinctive from others. One of these providers is Prime Scratch Cards. These cards can be directly played on this website.

Playing scratch cards for free

Scratch cards can not only be played with real money. These cards are also available to play for free. Players will receive a virtual amount of money which they can use. This gives players the opportunity to get to know the different types of scratch cards, the casino or just to see if a new type of scratch card is suitable for them. After playing with these games for free, you are able to play with real money. An account is quickly created and players can deposit money. This money will be visible on their account within several minutes. After this, players are able to start to buy scratch cards!

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