slot machines

In a casino there are two different types of slots. These are the slot machines and the video machines. Slot machines are the famous and popular classic varieties. Players can recognize these on their rolling mechanism. Depending on the type of slot it can contain 3 or more rolls. The known slot machines still even have the handle. However, today you will more likely find a bet or spin button instead of the handle on the side of the machine. Furthermore, there is a broad variety of video machines where you play on a screen. This screen replaces the rolls on the machine. The screen gives players the advantage to play with more elements and it makes it more appealing.

How do slot machines work?

Most of the online slot machines do not need a lot of guiding as they are self-explanatory. However, players should know the essential things before they are start playing. The most important aspect is knowing how much you want to bet per spin. Through the button “bet” you are able to place a betting. The amount of money changes when you play with more or less playing lines. These can vary between 1 cent and 10 euro per combination. Besides the “bet” button, there is also a “max bet” button. This button will give you the opportunity to play with a maximum betting, so be careful where you click.

Play lines are lines where a combination or symbol needs to land on. Only then, a price will be awarded. A slot machine always has a set amount of play lines Per play line players will see how much they will win if there is a combination. The amount of money that can be won depends on the amount of symbols per line and the amount of money you placed.

Through the “bet” button you have chosen an amount of money that you want to spent per spin and per pay line There are also the Scatters. These are special symbols that do not show up often. Scatters are triggers that give you access to bonus games It does not matter where the Scatter shows up, it only has to show up in a selected play line In addition to Scatter symbols, there are also the Wild symbols. These count with every combination. This means that a Wild symbol can make a loosing combination a win.

Finally, there are also multipliers which are linked with a Wild symbol. A multiplier multiplies the winning amount of money with a certain factor. If you are playing a bonus game, you will most likely find these multipliers.

The bonus game

If you manage to have a combination with multiple Scatter symbols, you are able to play a bonus game. These are separate mini games where you can win high amounts of money. The bonus games usually give players extra fun in playing on these slot machines.

Popular casino slot games

The casino slots are created with a great playing experience. This is realized through video slots among others. Playing on a screen instead of the classic rolls give players more options and games are more extended. Furthermore, the games are more fun to play and players have the feeling that they are playing in an actual casino. Some of the games we recommend are 8 ball slots, wild west slot machine and the popular slotstar serie.

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