video poker

Nothing beats a good game of poker. This is one of the most popular games within a casino. Many amongst us have played a game of poker in their life and this classic will most likely be available in every casino. Fortunately, poker is not only popular in the real casinos. In online casino it has been a massive hit as well. Players are able to find many different types of poker online that offer all types of extras. One of these varieties of poker is the game video poker.

What is video poker?

Video poker is basically a game of poker where you play on a screen in stead of a table. You will not get in contact with other players as you are playing against a computer. The online casino world offers many different varieties of video poker. This type of game is a bit different from the regular game of poker. However, the basics will always be the same. Each video poker game has their own theme with matching sounds, animations and graphics. Some of the video poker games have additional rules that you need to keep in mind. These rules give players the illusion that they are playing a completely different type of poker.

This is how you play video poker

Sometimes it may look like playing poker is hard. However, this is not the case. The rules of this game are easy to remember and understand. You need to put your focus on the value of your hand. Video poker will be very easy for players who already have played any type of poker. This gives you an advantage as you will quickly understand this type of poker.

Now I hear you thinking, but how do you play video poker? Well, obviously you need to be logged into your account. Furthermore, your account needs to have a positive balance. After this you choose the game of video poker you want to play. Placing a bet with video poker requires a minimum or maximum amount of money. After this, 5 cards will be handed out. These 5 cards (a hand) have a certain value. You are able to trade three low cards to obtain a better hand. If you have an Ace you are able to even trade 4 cards. The value of your hand will depend whether you win or loose.

Free video poker games

Players have the option to play video poker games for free. This is done to ensure players that they are able to get to know the casino or to try out a new game. However, this is not the only advantage. Experienced players can try out new strategies to see if they actually work. A new strategy can look good on paper but completely flop once you use it when you are playing a game. Free video poker gives you the opportunity to test this out, without loosing any of your own money.

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