The Ctrl-alt-del combination

How to restart a computer when the game freezes

If you’re playing a casino game, the last thing you want is your computer to freeze. It could be possible that you were playing for money, and if there is something you don’t want to happen, it’s losing money. However, when your computer is frozen, you would like to fix it as quickly as possible. What to do when your computer is frozen during a casino slotmachine? You can use ctrl-alt-delete. How does it work? In this article we would like to help you with a solution.

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Define the problem

At first, you have to find out what is causing the problem. Is it the casino game you’re playing, or is it something else? It might be that your internet browser is causing the problem. Sometimes, your game is frozen for a short time, and at this point you have to wait for a few seconds to see if it stays frozen. If it does, you have to take further steps to solve the problem. If you are playing a casino slot game on full screen and you think it’s frozen, try to leave the game. You know the game is frozen when you can’t leave the game.

Use the ctrl-alt-delete combination of keys

By pressing ctrl-alt-delete you can see if your computer is still responding. Once on this screen you have two options that might solve the problem. The first option is to open the task manager, where you can close any running applications that might be causing the problem. After you closed some applications you can check if your computer is still frozen on the casino game, and if so, use ctrl-alt-delete again and restart the computer. In most cases your computer will restart and no longer be frozen, and you can start playing your casino slot game again. Unfortunately, all unsaved files will be lost when restarting your computer. If your computer fails to react to the ctrl-alt-delete buttons, you can always try a hard shut down using the on/off switch on your computer or laptop. Hold it for a few seconds, your computer will definitely shut down after this. Maybe not the exact right way to do it, but it is a helpful shortcut for restarting your computer.

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